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Why my orders got canceled?

1. Unconfirmed order: the order will be canceled by system if not confirmed within 7 days.

2. Address issue: If your order is with incompleted address and not confirmed by customer service team, it will be canceled

3. Stock out issue: If the item was stock out, the order will be canceled.

How Can I cancel the order?

Please contact us via Email at , we will help cancel your order.

Note: If your order was shipped, we are unable to cancel it and once you refused to take the shipment which has impact on your next COD order.

Why my order split into many packages?

Due to size of your order, it will be more convenient to ship by multiple packages.

Please do not worry, each package can be tracked with its own tracking number.

Why I did not receive complete order?

Due to certain items are stock out, we have to cancel them before shipping

Certainly, we have removed the price of this item from your total amount, kindly do not worry about this.

Can I add or cancel the item from my order?

Kindly send us your request via email, we will do the needful accordingly.

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